Insider Review of Rapid Content Wizard – Is Content Creation Really Better with It?

Each and every day, online marketers are looking for spinner and rewriter apps to make the content creation process easier for themselves. However, most of these do not actually work and you get jumbled paragraphs that make little sense to readers. The Rapid Content Wizard promises to address this problem and its makers Alan Brown and Sean Donahoe ensure that it is a complete solution for those looking for content creation of any type. This Rapid Content Wizard Review takes a peek at the functionality of the software and tries to find out whether or not it really works.

Product Performance

The app actually works, unlike most other rewriter and spinner tools that are available in the market, and the content creation process is easier. The interface is extremely user-friendly and it is really very comfortable to work with this software. The customizable slider controls help you get more control over the app and you can get almost endless amount of articles based on the keywords and key phrase of your choice that you enter. The app also allows you to do a full campaign with unlimited number of articles and leave it on for 24/7. You get an auto post feature that schedules the posts to the WordPress-hosted blogs and websites that you own. The built-in features ensure that the content is 95% unique at the least.

Pros and Cons

As evident by the features, the makers have actually made some effort to build the app as per the things that users want from their application. The total campaign manager publishes content at all times of the day and night and allows you to generate PDFs from the articles that you create and also submit them to PDF websites. It is very assistive with content creation and allows you to target the articles based on your niche with the aid of keyword targeting and LSI content. The app makes use of high quality algorithm to filter the best content out and give you really superior articles to post on the blogs and websites of your own choice.

On the other hand, the app also has few drawbacks. To begin with, the initial registration and downloading process could have been simpler. The program for content creation also lacks in a proper support team and users have to wait for a few days before their queries regarding technical and other issues are finally answered. Also, some manual editing is needed and you have to devote a few minutes to arrange the snippets in an orderly fashion and make the articles readable.


As this Rapid Content Wizard Review has found out, this app is able to make content creation much better for webmasters and online marketers. You will not have to work too much with this software around and save a lot of time that you would need to make your research regarding the content finding, selection and assimilation. The program does about 80-85% of the work for you and generates interesting content in only a few clicks.

Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review – A True Evaluation of the Whiteboard Animation Software


These days, online marketing has become a battlefield and the scales are unfortunately tipping towards the bigger businesses with deeper pockets. Whitebeard animation videos are once such advertising medium, the creation of which could only be afforded by big companies, until now. A team of designers and illustrators has created the first inexpensive whiteboard animation software which allows small businesses to make such videos at the lowest costs and give them a level playing field. Go through this Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review to know whether or not the software actually offers advantage to its users.

Background of the app

Andrew Fox, Ian Jupp and Paul Lynch have claimed that they wished to create this piece of whiteboard animation software to answer the growing requirements of small and medium sized businesses and online marketers to create whiteboard videos at more affordable rates. The trio of illustrators and designers put their heads and innovation together to construct this program and offer it to thousands of marketers who were frustrated at the absence of such a product.

Product Performance

This whiteboard animation software gives you the ease to make whiteboard videos at the lowest possible time and cost. For a small one-time fee, you can make endless number of videos and promote your own business or that of your clients. With this app, it only takes a few minutes to create professional quality videos and market them well on Google, YouTube, Wisita and other popular websites for video sharing. You can easily add the images, voiceovers, background music and text to create your projects and make them interesting and entertaining with the right effects.

Pros and Cons

You will love the drag and drop interface that this whiteboard animation software offers. You can easily add the objects of your choice and edit them in a simple manner, without encountering any hassles. You can get a full preview of your created projects and you are also offered a clear visual layout of the entire canvas. You will be able to make full professional quality videos and use them to market your own products and services or that of your clients. As an affiliate, you can make good profits by creating videos for the network that you are registered with.

However, it is sad to note that the makers of this whiteboard animation software have not given an extended discount offer period to customers. The product was originally quite costly at $47 and although a discount offer has brought the price down to $27, the offer period is only for a limited time.


This whiteboard animation software is an extremely useful program that you just cannot do without if you require a low-cost solution for making whiteboard videos for promotional or other purposes. This Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review highly recommends this unique piece of application to all types of buyers. At $27, the product is extremely profitable to buy but you need to hurry as the discount period is going to come to an end fast.